Best Practice Guidelines

Effective Worker Participation in Hazard Assessments

Participation by workers in the process of hazard identification, elimination and control is essential for effectively identifying and eliminating or reducing the workplace hazards that can lead to injury or illness.

Alberta law requires employers to look for and fix hazards – do a hazard assessment – with worker participation. Studies show that effective worker participation leads to healthier and safer jobs and workplaces.

These Guidelines are designed to promote effective and meaningful worker participation in hazard assessments. They are intended as a resource for Workers, Health and Safety Activists, and Employers.

*Note that the Guidelines were published in 2015, prior to changes to Alberta’s OHS legislation in 2018. The principles and tools included in these Guidelines are still applicable, and may in some cases be easier for workers to use due to the requirement for mandatory Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives.

How To Use These Guidelines

The Guidelines contain 7 modules, and can be downloaded for print or used directly from the website or as a pdf on your computer or smartphone. They are available as a complete package, or as individual modules. Additional resources and tools are also available as separate downloads.

Best Practice Guidelines, complete package: click to view/download (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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