Work Plays Schools Program

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Work Plays Schools Program

Award-winning educational theatre for young workers

Returning to live, in-school performances this Fall!


FREE OF CHARGE to Alberta schools


Since 2004 our Work Plays Schools Program has engaged young workers through lively, entertaining and thought-provoking professional theatre productions that inform young workers of their responsibilities and rights to safe, healthy and fair workplaces.


Each presentation is approximately one hour in length including a post-performance facilitated discussion with the audience about key educational issues brought up by the play. Students and teachers are provided with additional print and online resources for further information.

The Work Plays Schools Program offers two plays, at different times of the school year:

Working It Out by Beth Graham, for High School students.    Available mid-October through November

Safe & Fair: Scene at Work by Jane Heather, for Junior High/Middle School students.    Available during March and April.


For more information on bringing our Work Plays Schools Program to a high school or junior high/middle school near you, check out


The Work Plays Schools Program is made possible through the support from labour and business organizations and individuals across Alberta and the Alberta Law Foundation.



What students and teachers say about the program:


The examples in the play are real which makes the helpful information real.

I knew that bosses have expectations of me but learned that I should also have expectations of my bosses.

The play exceeded my expectations! While I anticipated important topics would be covered I didn’t expect such a top-notch performance by a professional troupe. Your performance blew me away! In fact, it was so moving there were several times I had to expand some serious effort not to cry in front of my students.

I teach construction. An aspect of my course deals rather heavily on employee/employer relationships and safety requirements and expectations from both. This was excellent! We had a discussion in class afterwards around the ideas that stuck out for individuals and students wanted to discuss the play more.