Worker Stories

Health and Safety Stories from Workers

Beginning in 2007 our “Workus Project” toured the province collecting and sharing audio stories of workers and their families, with a special focus on occupational illnesses.
We are now able to share them with you through this website.
Some of these stories are reproduced in their original format.  Some of them are edited. Some of them have had music added and were included in a Workus Project CD.


Construction Industry  
Worker with Asbestosis (9:04)
Carpenter (5:48)
Carpenter Bartender (6:07)
Electrician (4:19)
Flagger (5:23)
Monk (3:00)
Party Tent Set Up Crew (5:01)
Rig Worker (5:44)
Scaffolding Fall (9:14)
Theatre Worker (6:17)
Childcare Worker (4:23)
• Library Worker (1:02)
Youth Worker (6:20)
Factory Explosion (3:55)
Printing Press (5:38)
Doctor (5:15)
Injured Worker Activist (5:11)
Injured Worker Activist 2 (6:46)
Social Worker (1:21)
City Inspector Air Quality (1:52)
Truck Driver Grandfather (4:07)
Young Workers Interview (1:22)
City Office Worker Back Injury (2:48)
Library Worker Chemical Sensitivity (1:02)
Pest Control Office Worker (2:46)
Resource Sector
Black Lung (3:45)
Coal Miner Crushed Leg (3:41)
Geologist (7:15)
Miners Song (4:45)
Mining Explosion (3:20)
Son of a Miner (3:48)
Gas Station Worker (5:49)
Restaurant Worker (5:34)
Restaurant Worker Spanish (2:29)
Train Conductor (10:00)
Waitress Alcohol Abuse (6:26)
Waitress Lung Cancer (5:17)
Young Workers Workplace Harassment (1:10)
Young Workers Interview Workshop (1:22)
Young Workers Robbery (0:48)

Stories from the Workus Project CD:

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