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Your Health and Safety Rights

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AWHC Right to Know





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Reports and Publications


Safer Workplaces


Safer by Design: How Alberta Can Improve Workplace Safety

A report for the Parkland Institute (2018) examines workers’ own experiences with Alberta’s workplace injury-prevention efforts. Safer by Design suggests that most workplace injuries are not reported, that most employers violate Alberta’s safety rules, and that workers are afraid to exercise their safety rights. Despite recent progressive changes to OHS law, research suggests that enacting additional rights and obligations does not, by itself, reduce injury rates. The report, by Bob Barnetson and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull, makes several recommendations to government that could improve the safety of workers, including an increase in inspections, more enforcement, and improvements in worker-focused education.


New Alberta Workers Program (2013-2017)


New Alberta Workers Program – Final Report Brief

A report on our New Alberta Workers program (NAW) including recommendations for programming, services and policy change, based on what we learned during the program.




Injured Worker Case Study

A case study of one new-to-Alberta worker’s experience as an injured worker having to advocate for herself and navigate through the WCB system. (2017)