Health and Safety Rights

Workers have 4 basic health and safety rights:

  1. Right to Know about the dangers of our jobs and how we are protected

  2. Right to Participate in activities affecting our health and safety

  3. Right to Refuse dangerous work

  4. Right to Be Free from Reprisal (disciplined) for using our health and safety rights

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AWHC 4 Basic H&S Rights





AWHC Right to Know





AWHC Right to Participate





AWHC Right to Refuse





*As of December 1, 2021, Alberta has NEW Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Legislation that affect workers’ rights to safe and healthy workplaces. Information from the Alberta Government on some of these changes can be found HERE.

Most workers in Alberta are covered under Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code. Some workers are Federally regulated, and their Health and Safety right are covered under the Canada Labour Code Part II. These laws are the minimum standards for protecting workers.

Workers belonging to a union may have additional health and safety protection under their Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Exposure to workplace hazards is preventable, and it is our employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

As workers, we have a responsibility to follow the health and safety rules, to not cause or participate in harassment, bullying, or violence, and to report unsafe work conditions.