Young Workers – Health and Safety Rights

Workers have 4 basic health and safety rights:

1.     Right to Know about the dangers of our jobs and how we are protected

Your employer must tell you about your health and safety rights. They must identify hazards at work, and give you the training, instruction, supervision and equipment you need to work safely.

2.     Right to Participate in activities affecting our health and safety

You have the right to be involved in your own health and safety, and your coworkers’ health and safety. This can include choosing or becoming your workplace’s Health and Safety Representative, or a member of your Health and Safety Committee.

3.     Right to Refuse dangerous work

You have the right to refuse work if you believe it poses an “undue hazard” to yourself or others. An “undue hazard” is a serious and immediate threat to the health and safety of a person.

It is important to follow the proper refusal process.

4.     Right to Be Free from Reprisal (disciplined) for using our health and safety rights

You can’t be fired or punished for using your workplace rights

You can get more info or file a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Contact Centre: Phone: toll-free: 1-866-415-8690, Edmonton: 780-415-8690


Workers also have Responsibilities (and so does your employer):

Workers must:

  • follow safe work procedures and Occupational Health and Safety rules
  • report any workplace health and safety hazards or violations that you know about
  • refuse to perform dangerous work that may endanger yourself or others
  • not cause or participate in harassment or violence

Employers must:

  • ensure the health and safety of workers
  • ensure that workers are made aware of their health and safety rights and responsibilities and safety hazards in their workplace
  • ensure that workers are not subjected to or participate in harassment or violence