New workplace health and safety laws in effect December 1, 2021

Alberta’s new Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code make big changes to how most workers in Alberta are protected.


We provide worker-focused resources about:

  • Health hazards on the job
  • Legislation and legal rights for a healthy and safe workplace
  • Research on health and safety issues and trends affecting workers


We offer courses that are designed to give workers a better understanding of your Health and Safety rights and responsibilities, and give you tools for making your workplace safer. Our courses are for and with:

  • Health and Safety Activists
  • Health and Safety Committee members and Health and Safety Representatives
  • Vulnerable workers (including newcomer, Indigenous and young workers)
  • Unions and community organizations throughout the province


  • Assistance with developing strategies to improve your workplace health and safety
  • Referrals and connections to organizations, agencies and advocates that can provide more information and help
  • Raising public awareness about workplace health and safety issues