Young Workers – Other Resources

Other sources of support:

There are non-profit organizations in Edmonton and Calgary that specialize in providing you with free help regarding your workplace concerns:

The Edmonton Community Legal Centre offers free legal information, advice and representation for people living with low income in the Edmonton area. You can contact them at 780-702-1725.

The Workers’ Resource Centre assists workers with filling out forms, attending meetings/hearings, and talking with employers and government agencies in order to help them access their employment related benefits and rights. You can contact them at 403-264-8100.

Calgary Legal Guidance provides free legal advice for individuals with low income in the Calgary area. You can contact them at 403-264-8100.

Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services is an Alberta website if you need help for yourself or someone you know who is being sexually harassed or assaulted in or outside of the workplace.

If you belong to a union, your Union Representative (often called your Union Steward or Shop Steward) may have information and resources to help you.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is the umbrella body for most unions in the province and can provide you with information on how unions make workplaces safer and other benefits of belonging to a union. You can contact them toll-free at 1-800-661-3995.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (CCOHS) is a non-profit health and safety information centre with online databases of hazards and other information. They also offer online courses and materials for safer workplaces. CCOHS For Young Workers has specific information for young workers.